Autumn Shelter - Tangling Meets Illustration by Zen Linea (Anica Gabrovec CZT)

Autumn Shelter - Tangling Meets Illustration

A video on demand class showing how to easily draw an image of a cute fox that takes shelter under a mushroom, seeking shelter from the cold weather. Includes video lessons (total length 1 hour) and an eBook with step by step instructions.
I was in love with kids' illustration even before I discovered Zentangle. Images that instantly put a smile on everyone's face, richness of colors, simplified lines... who wouldn't love that?

In this class I decided to marry these two beloved topics so the Autumn Shelter class is the one where tangling meets illustration.

It is an easy introduction into the world of illustration and a proof to the most sceptic ones that they can draw cute characters. I hope that it will inspire you to try some more, maybe even make your own cards for the kids that you love!

  • We are going to draw a simple and cute image of a fox that is hiding underneath a mushroom, seeking shelter from the cold weather.
  • We will draw several organic, botanical tangles to illustrate the scenery (Ropus, Zenemone, Sand Swirl, Printemps, Flux).
  • For coloring we will use watercolor pencils that are going to be blended with a thin water brush. I will demonstrate how I use watercolors for adding shades.
  • Final details will be added by shading and highlighting and using a gold Gelly Roll to add a few sparks.

By purchasing this class, you will get unlimited access to video instructions (1 hour total length) so you will be able to tangle whenever you want and watch, pause, and re-view all segments of the video class. Additionally, you will get a downloadable PDF document with step by step guideline to finishing the project.


This is only a list of suggested supplies. You can use whatever supplies bring you joy! Be creative and enjoy it.
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  •  square Renaissance tile,
  • black pen of choice, water-resistant (Micron 01, Micron PN or similar),
  • Gelly Roll pens - white and gold (optional),
  • graphite pencil, white charcoal pencil and blending stumps,
  • several autumn-colored watercolor pencils (green, orange, brown),
  • a thin water brush for blending.
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1 Line Work - Part 1
17 mins
2 Line Work - Part 2
10 mins
3 Coloring With Watercolor Pencils
17 mins
4 Shading and Highlighting
18 mins
Autumn Shelter Video Class Printout
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Students' gallery

Look at some of the  drawings made by the students that took the Autumn Shelter class. Those make my heart sing! :)
Thank you all so much!