Blooming Tangles Video Class by Zen Linea (Anica Gabrovec CZT)

Blooming Tangles Video Class

Take this intuitive Zentangle inspired class and learn how to draw this organically growing design with blooming tangles. Let's draw and relax together!
I'm so happy that you decided to celebrate with me! Exactly a year ago (19 November 2019) I published my first video class on Skillshare. I still remember how nervous I was to start my teaching journey. But a year has passed and it was full of new learning and teaching experiences. Being a part of the Zentangle community has been a great blessing and I want to thank you for your support by giving you a free access to a class.

This is a full-length video class that features a lovely, organic design that just spreads intuitively - the kind I love most. I hope that you will take some time to enjoy it with me and share your drawings with me on social media.

If you enroll, you will get free access to 6 videos that will guide you through the process of drawing, shading and highlighting. Total length is 1 hour and 13 minutes. As with all my video classes, you will also get an access to a  downloadable PDF document with step by step instructions to finishing the project.

Join me so we can create together! :)


  • a round paper tile (I'm using a grey Zendala by Zentangle Inc.)
  • black pen (such as Micron PN, which I am using) for drawing line work,
  • a graphite pencil for shading and a gray marker or brush pen such as Koi Brush Pen (optional) to enhance shades.
  • white charcoal pencil and white color pencil for highlighting (I’m using a charcoal pencil by General Pencil and a Pablo pencil by Caran D'Ache),
  • blending stumps or tortillons for blending shades and highlights,
  • white gel pen for highlighting (Gelly Roll by Sakura).

This is only the suggested list of supplies. Please use whatever you have on hand or feel comfortable using.

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 1 file
1 min
1 Line Work - Part 1
12 mins
2 Line Work - Part 2
9 mins
3 Line Work - Part 3
11 mins
4 Shading - Part 1
13 mins
5 Shading - Part 2
13 mins
6 Shading and Highlighting
14 mins
Blooming Tangles Class Printout
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