Zen Linea/Deep Blue Sea Video Class

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Deep Blue Sea Video Class

    Join the fun and create this whimsical and vibrant scene. Learn how to use watercolor pencils as a shading tool and enhance the illusion of depth with additional shading and highlighting supplies. Draw waterdrops easily, using just a few basic supplies. 
    Unlimited access to 11 video lessons, with total length of 1h 44m and an eBook.
    Deep Blue Sea class might be for you if you:
    • feel drawn to Zentangle Inspired art that heavily relies on the traditional  Zentangle method,
    • appreciate whimsical and vibrant designs,
    • are interested in using regular supplies and maximize their potential,
    • want to learn how to easily draw water drops or
    • just feel ready to do a fun and relaxing Zentangle inspired project.
    This is a video-rendition of the project that I presented to Tangle Lab members (not a recording of the live online lesson). Like all my video classes, it is composed of smaller sections, which makes it easier to digest and navigate, as well as use it for a future reference (for example if you just want a reminder of how to draw the water drop, you just choose the relevant video section).

    This particular package consists of 11 video lessons with total length of 1h 44m. There is an additional eBook with a step-by-step visual guide to completing the project, tips and step-outs of the tangles used. By purchasing the class, you get an unlimited access to all contents.


    I recommend using the following supplies:
    • White Zendala tile.
    • Cobalt green and sanguine Pitt artist pens by Faber Castell, size S. If you don’t have those, you can use any other fine liners in turquoise/blue and sanguine/orange/brown colors, such as Micron pens. Please make sure that they are water resistant if you will use watercolor pencils.
    • Watercolor pencils (I’ll use Albrecht Dürer by Faber-Castell) – cobalt green 156, cobalt turquoise 153, magenta 133, sanguine 199. If you don’t use these brands, just use the ones you have (try to match the colors of pens with pencils).
    • Water brush or regular brush and some water.
    • Black pen (Micron PN, but you can use a Micron 01 or whatever you prefer, just please make sure that it’s water-resistant).
    • Shading pencil (I used a  medium Nero pencil by Cretacolor).
    • Highlighting pencil (General’s White Charcoal).
    • White Gelly Roll 10.
    • Blending stumps / tortillons.
    You can choose any colors you like and any supplies you own – just have fun!

    Deep Blue Sea - PDF eBook
    • 2.2 MB
    1. Introduction
    • 2 mins
    • 327 MB
    2. Start With a Black Pen
    • 11 mins
    • 1.09 GB
    3. Tangle With Cobalt Green
    • 11 mins
    • 1.09 GB
    4. Continue Filling the Reticulum
    • 13 mins
    • 1.29 GB
    5. Embellish and Add Sez
    • 11 mins
    • 1.14 GB
    6. Draw Sand Swirl
    • 7 mins
    • 714 MB
    7. Coloring
    • 15 mins
    • 1.5 GB
    8. Coloring Fish Fragments
    • 4 mins
    • 397 MB
    9. Shading
    • 11 mins
    • 1.16 GB
    10. Highlighting and Adding Details
    • 8 mins
    • 826 MB
    11. Water Drops and Final Touches
    • 11 mins
    • 1.14 GB