Spliced Tiles with Florals and Gemstones - Live Class - September 17 by Zen Linea (Anica Gabrovec CZT)
Enrollment is closed

Spliced Tiles with Florals and Gemstones - Live Class - September 17

17 September 2020, Thursday
CEST  6 PM – 8.00 PM –  Central European Time
EST  12 NOON – 2.00 PM
CST  11 AM – 1.00 PM
PST  9 AM – 11.00 PM 
Enrollment is closed
This class is divided into TWO PARTS: 
  1. DIY PART - with the help of videos and an eBook you will learn the principles of splicing tiles, cut your tiles and prepare your background for the second part of the class;
  2. LIVE PART - together we will draw floral shapes and zengems and focus on the method of coloring, shading and highlighting zengems.

You will have an unlimited access to videos and to a downloadable and printable eBook. I did my best to make really clear instructions but if you'll need any assistance during the DIY part I will be there to help you if you contact me via e-mail or through this platform.

Videos are 28 minutes long - one presents the principle and the others shows how to prepare the tile for the live class project. The DIY part should not take more than 20ish minutes to finish (it took me 14 minutes to do it and explain in the real time videos that you will gain access to).

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled artist, you are the right fit for this class - it is designed for anyone who is able to write four basic letters used to draw any pattern: I, C, S and O. However, this class is best suited to the intermediate and advanced tanglers.

Supplies for the DIY part

  1. a black square tile and a tan round tile (Renaissance Zendala) - please make sure that you prepare a white/tan/gray round tile so that you can draw and color gemstones on the light-colored surface,
  2. a white pencil or a graphite pencil to draw the string,
  3. a craft knife (precision cutter) and a cutting mat for making the cuts,
  4. paper glue and a wooden skewer or a similar tool, 
  5. a water-resistant pen of your choice (I used the black Micron PN but you can use a Micron 01 or a similar liner).

Supplies for the live part

  1. a lighter gel pen for drawing on the black tile (such as the white Gelly Roll or a Gelly Roll Moonlight in any color that is visible on the black background),
  2. watercolor pencils for coloring and shading (I’m using Faber-Castell’s Albrecht Dürer),
  3. a water brush for blending the watercolor pencils (such as Sakura’s Koi small water brush that I use),
  4. a graphite pencil and a gray marker (optional) for shading,
  5. white colored / charcoal pencil and a white Gelly Roll for highlighting.

What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 2 files
1 Intro
1 min
2 Understanding the principle
13 mins
3 Prepare the tile for cutting
7 mins
4 Cut the tile before the live class :)
7 mins
Spliced Tiles Live Class Printout
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