Spliced Tiles With Florals and Gemstones - Video Class by Zen Linea (Anica Gabrovec CZT)

Spliced Tiles With Florals and Gemstones - Video Class

Learn how to combine different paper tiles to increase contrasts. Tangle along with me by following video on demand lessons at your own pace (total length 2h 14m) and exploring a printable PDF eBook (21 pages).
This class is mainly focused on two topics
  1. SPLICING TILES - you will learn the principles of splicing tiles, cutting them and preparing your background for the drawing part;
  2. DRAWING, COLORING, SHADING AND HIGHLIGHTING GEMSTONES- together we will focus on the method of coloring, shading and highlighting zengems.

Besides that, together we will draw, color, shade and highlight floral tangles on light and black background.

You will gain an unlimited access to videos (2h 14min total length) and a downloadable and printable eBook (21 pages). 

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled artist, you are the right fit for this class - it is designed for anyone who is able to write four basic letters used to draw any pattern: I, C, S and O. However, this class is best suited to the intermediate and advanced tanglers.


This is the list of recommended supplies. If you are missing any of those, you will surely be able to find a substitute. Don't let the lack of supplies prevent you from creating!

  1. black square tile and a tan round tile (Renaissance Zendala),
  2. white pencil or a graphite pencil to draw the string,
  3. craft knife (precision cutter) and a cutting mat for making the cuts,
  4. paper glue and a wooden skewer or a similar tool to apply glue, 
  5. water-resistant pen of your choice (I used the black Micron PN but you can use a Micron 01 or a similar liner).
  6. lighter gel pen for drawing on the black tile (such as the white Gelly Roll or a Gelly Roll Moonlight in any lighter color),
  7. watercolor pencils for coloring / shading (like Faber-Castell’s Albrecht Dürer),
  8. water brush for blending the watercolor pencils (such as Sakura’s Koi small water brush that I use),
  9. graphite pencil and a gray marker (optional) for shading,
  10. white colored / charcoal pencil and a white Gelly Roll for highlighting.

What's included?

Video Icon 12 videos File Icon 1 file


1 Intro
1 min
2 Understanding the principle
13 mins
3 Preparing the tile
7 mins
4 Cutting the tile
9 mins
5 Line work continued
8 mins
6 Adding floral rim - Dewd and Fescu
16 mins
7 Tangling on black 1
15 mins
8 Tangling on black 2
12 mins
9 Shading Hirari and Dewd
10 mins
10 Shading and highlighting on black
14 mins
11 Shading and highlighting gemstones
18 mins
12 Final shades, highlights and details
11 mins
Spliced Tiles Video Class Printout
4.98 MB

Students' gallery

Look at this amazing collection of works finished by some of the students! <3