Spliced Tiles - Underwater Treasures - Video Class by Zen Linea (Anica Gabrovec CZT)

Spliced Tiles - Underwater Treasures - Video Class

Combine the splicing tiles technique with tangles that will take you on an underwater adventure. Combination of videos on demand (total length 2 hours) and a downloadable and printable eBook (25 pages).
This class is focused on several topics
  1. WATERCOLOR BACKGROUND - learn how to prepare the background with a watercolor wash;
  2. SPLICING TILES - you will splice tiles, cut them and prepare your background for the drawing process;
  3. DRAWING, COLORING, SHADING AND HIGHLIGHTING TANGLES AND GEMSTONES - using supplies on dark blue and colored background.

You will gain an unlimited access to videos (2h total length) and a downloadable and printable eBook (25 pages). 

I will show you how to work on the exact design showed in the above photo.

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled artist, you are the right fit for this class - it is designed for anyone who is able to write four basic letters used to draw any pattern: I, C, S and O. However, this class is best suited to the intermediate and advanced tanglers.


Suggested supplies are listed below. However, do not let the lack of specific supplies prevent you from creating. Use the supplies that are available to you and enjoy the creative process.
  1. a blue square tile and a white round tile – I’m using a blue card that I cut from a 300g A4 paper by Folia that I purchase locally (if you don’t have a tile cut out of a blue card stock, you can also color a white tile with dark blue watercolor),
  2. spray bottle with water and liquid watercolors (I’m using Ecoline no. 580, 374 and 661), regular watercolors or a similar medium,
  3. a white pencil or a graphite pencil to draw the string,
  4. a craft knife (precision cutter) and a cutting mat for making the cuts,
  5. paper glue and a wooden skewer or a similar tool.
  6. blue Micron 01 or 05 pen a blue Gelly Roll Moonlight 06 or any desired blue water-resistant gel pen (I used shade #39780),
  7. watercolor pencils for coloring and shading in turquoise range of colors, a dark blue and black (I’m using Faber-Castell’s Albrecht Dürer, colors 149, 153, 154, 155, 156, 199, 246, 247),
  8. water brush for blending the watercolor pencils (such as Sakura’s Koi small water brush that I use),
  9. graphite pencil and a gray marker (optional) for shading,
  10. white colored / charcoal /pastel pencil (any that you prefer) and a white Gelly Roll for highlighting.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 1 file
1 Intro
2 mins
2 Prepare the background
7 mins
3 Cutting and splicing
5 mins
4 Line work - part 1
10 mins
5 Line work - part 2
10 mins
6 Line work - drawing on dark blue
18 mins
7 Shading and highlighting on dark blue
20 mins
8 Shading on light background - part 1
23 mins
9 Shading and highlighting on light background - part 2
16 mins
10 Finishing touches
14 mins
Spliced Tiles - Underwater Treasures - Video Class eBook
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Students' gallery

Awesome drawings of some of the students who attended the class. Thank you so much! <3