Faux Embossing - Zenbossing eBook by Zen Linea (Anica Gabrovec CZT)

Faux Embossing - Zenbossing eBook

I am happy to present the step-by-step guide to learning the Zenbossing technique and finishing 4 projects that feature different backgrounds, supplies and tangles. It will enable you to learn the technique at your own pace and encourage further creative explorations.

A downloadable and printable PDF document contains 37 pages, including over 100 high quality photos.
Main concepts, tips and trips are explained in detail. Please see the photos and quick video preview below.

Bonus - a 19-minutes-long video with unlimited access showing the key tips that are also described in the eBook.

Quick Preview

A very quick preview, just to show what the Zenbossing - Faux Embossing PDF eBook looks like. If you need more info, please contact Anica at info@zen-linea.com.

What's included?

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Zenbossing eBook
15.6 MB
Zenbossing Tips and Tricks - Bonus Video
19 mins


Is there a difference between the downloadable document attached with the Live Class and this one?

Yes, these two documents are completely different. In the live class (which is currently available to purchase as a video recording of the class) the project was different than those from the eBook and different tangles were used, too. This eBook was made from scratch and all the photos included in the eBook are new.